Bill C-36


JC JUST PicWhen Canada’s prostitution laws were ruled unconstitutional in 2013, John Cassells joined other voices, across Canada, in speaking about the problems that fully legalized prostitution would create for our society.  The message was simple and direct:  Removing prohibitions on prostitution would increase the demand, and lead to higher rates of exploitation.

On December 6th, 2014, the federal government responded with new legislation called Protection Of Communities And Exploited Persons Act, or Bill C-36.  The legislation is comprehensive strategy to combat the violence and exploitation occurring in the sex trade.  It is designed to decrease the demand for paid sex by prohibiting the purchase of sexual services.  The legislation also added more protections for vulnerable teenagers and young women being trafficked in the sex trade.  The Globe & Mail provided an excellent overview of the legislation.

ROYAL ASSENTWhile Bill C-36 gave us great potential to see a reduction in the number of young people lured into the sex trade, the public and law enforcement remain confused or simply uninterested.  There is much to be done!

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