Campus Church, Aurora November 4th, 2017

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DNA Global Outreach Conference, October 2017, Peoples Church, Toronto


Third Annual MET Summer Barbeque, June 2017

BBQ 2017

Annual Christmas Banquet:




John Cassells, Panel Speaker, Truth Film Events: November 3rd & 11th, 2016



2016 BBQ


Thank you to all who supported and participated in 

An Evening Of Story & Song in Keswick on March 12th

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Story tellers presented five powerful stories from the youth ministry of John Cassells.  The evening included moving musical selections from the Serena Crowder Band.  Comments from John Cassells & Katarina MacLeod gave insight into the needs of at risk and exploited youth in our own community and beyond.


John Cassells / Men Ending Trafficking

Men’s Breakfast, November 28th, 2015 

Bringing Hope To Hidden And Exploited Street Youth 





A Journey to Freedom Oakville, Apr10,15

Sanctuary Church, Oakville

“What you see in Oakville and Burlington, it’s just a drop in the bucket from what you see in Mississauga and Toronto,” said John Cassells, a street youth specialist with SIM Canada, a Scarborough-based international missionary organization. “In Canada, two out of every five prostitutes are teenage girls under 18 years old.”

Cassells was one of four people on a discussion panel at Restored: A Journey to Freedom, an awareness forum held at Sheridan’s Marquee last Friday, organized by Partners International Canada, a Christian ministry charity.



Orphanage 41 Book Launch

& Christmas Social, December 19th

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Above: Victor Malarek & John Cassells with

Michelle, Bridget and Jasmine from Sextrade 101.  BookLaunchPoster






New prostitution bill; what does it really mean?

Thursday, June 19th,  7:00 – 9:00 PM, Kingsway College School,  Etobicoke, ON


MP Joy Smith played a strong role in shaping the new prostitution bill, and will explain it’s implications for Canada.





John Cassells has designed local programs to help young women leave the Toronto sex trade, and will speak about proposed laws in the local context.

Survivour Testimony: Jasmine, from Sextrade 101!

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John, Joy, Jas Crop


EXPOSED:  The Cruel Reality of Human Trafficking

Saturday May 10th, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm



Film: Nefarious Merchants of Souls

Featured speaker:  John Cassells

Survivour testimony:  Celeste Swan,




Legal Prostitution In Canada:  Good Idea or Not?

Arkenstone teamed up with Newmarket Public Library

to bring you this important panel discussion.




Thanks to all who attended our “Buying Sex” screening!


March 4 team

Arkenstone joined Sextrade 101 and London Abused Women’s Centre for a special Toronto screening of the Canadian documentary, “Buying Sex”.  Following the film, our “Men of Honour” panel addressed topics that included the link between pornography and prostitution, how legalized prostitution fuels human trafficking and the validity of a “Nordic Model”.  Special thanks to our hosts, and good friends, at Sanctuary, 25 Charles Street East, Toronto.
Watch the film trailer:



Thank you to all who attended the

RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT  Film screening

Maple Hill Baptist Church, 215 Glenwoods Ave. Keswick. 

Feature Speaker, Katarina MacLeod, Rising Angels

Watch the trailer here:


Right Here, Right Now Conference

October 18th & 19th, 2013

 Speakers:  MP Joy Smith, Detectives Tai Troung & Peter Casey (York Regional Police), Bridget Perrier (Sextrade 101), Casandra Diamond (BridgeNorth), Debbie Pond (ur-home), Jay Brock (Hope For The Sold), Vladimir Ubeivolc (BOL, Moldova), John Cassells and more!

Thank you to all who participated in this landmark event!


Dr. Aletta Bell, Greetings from SIM, working with human trafficking victims internationally.

Dr. Aletta Bell, Greetings from SIM, working with human trafficking victims internationally.