Beer Can Rant

Let’s Talk About Shaming For A Moment

ken-paganBy now you will know all about that guy at the Jays game on Tuesday night who lobbed a partially full can of beer at the opposing team. It nearly hit one of the Orioles’ players! Since that time, a grainy photo of the suspect has been trending, and now that he’s been identified, his name is mud.

He’s done!

It’s rare to see this level of hatred being poured out by not just sports fans, but the general public, as well. Right now, I’d hate to be that guy.

jays-beer-canYeah, tossing a beer was stupid. But contrast that with all the guys in Toronto who did something really bad that day. Take, for example, all the men who funded the trafficking of countless girls in Toronto on the same Tuesday. And after some low life pimp gets his filthy paws on the cash, these guys act as if they had legitimately purchased the right to molest the kids. Like the guy who nearly struck a grown man with a flimsy beer can, let’s talk about the guys who verbally, sexually and physically assaulted a girl half their size; a girl who had no business being in their creepy company, but had no choice. Yeah, I’m talking about those guys!

You want to talk about shaming someone? I say, let’s go after someone who did something like that; someone who actually deserves the wrath of the city.

But, of course, we don’t know who these guys are. And why it that? Because we care much more deeply that an overpaid ball team might have been offended, than the fact that young people are being destroyed right now in the Canadian sex trade. But if we did care, you bet we’d find them. And we’d take much more seriously their calculated violence than what this poor sap did in a momentary lapse of judgement.

For this lack of compassion, all Torontonians should bear the shame. God forgive us.

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